Jon Wilson

Magician & Mentalist

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"Jon Wilson is the epitome of a MUST SEE act! He has a natural talent to both AMAZE and engage his audience of all ages. Move over Penn & Teller...there's a more hip, good looking, smooth operating, awe-envoking talent on your heels!"
-- Tiffany F., Las Vegas
"It was so good, I got frustrated because I could never figure it out!"
--Bijan M., Phoenix
"Jon's amazing talent and magic is by far some of the best I ever had the pleasure of experiencing . He has a natural ability to keep his audience engaged and feel part of the act. I absolutely recommend him to all my friends and family."
--John R., Florida
"Jon is the type of guy when he finds something he likes he runs with it, and magic was no exception! If your ready to have your mind blown he's the guy to ask."
-- Keaton J., San Diego
"Made my card turn from red to blue and the card was in my hand the whole time!!! AMAZING!!!."
-- Kirk F., Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
"We had the privilege of watching Jon perform and to say we were amazed was an understatement! My son was captivated and suspect I'll have to buy a magic set soon. Was a pleasure to meet you and your new wife. I hope to be able to say
one day when you've got your own show, "I met him once".
All the best for the future. Paul"
-- Paul E., Manchester, England
"I started magic because of Jon."
--Daniel T., Holloman Air Force Bace
"After watching Jon show off his tricks, I spent the rest of the night wondering how he did it! His performances are mystifying and entertaining, to say the least!"
-- Amy M., Phoenix
"Jon Wilson makes Harry Potter look like a muggle."
-- Joel T., Kunsan, Korea